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Aug 08, 2022 A88Lab.

Email Marketing Guide for B2B Tech Startups

B2B email marketing targets and sends email marketing campaigns to other businesses. Influencing businesses to make a buying decision with B2B email campaigns isn’t an easy task.

However, email remains one of the most effective channels to build relationships with your potential and existing customers. According to Litmus, email return of investment is an astounding $36 for every $1 spent

Moreover, 64% of small businesses use email marketing to reach customers. Yet many B2B tech startups get intimidated and stumble in their email marketing efforts. 

Email Marketing Best Practices for B2B Tech Startups


1. Define Your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

2. Use Email Segmentation

3. A/B Test Your Content

4. Optimize Your Subject Line and Body Text

5.Offer a Free Consultation

6. Add Only One CTA Button


It would be best to avoid generalized or B2C email strategies at all costs for your B2B campaign. If you’re still not sure about what you need to do, we’ve cultivated a list of tips for your next email marketing campaign.

1. Define Your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

If you’re not getting the desired results or lacking direction and focus with your email campaign, you should define your ideal customer profile (ICP). 


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When targeting a B2B company, you’re essentially targeting the people who decide whether the company buys your product or not, i.e., the company’s buying center. For this reason, you will need to include a different column for each role in your target company’s buying center. 

Once you define your ICP, you can:

  • Write emails that are relevant to your audience and address their pain points
  • Segment your lists properly
  • Create more personalized email marketing campaigns and call-to-actions

2. Use Email Segmentation

Tailoring your emails to each individual at a company would take too much time and effort, and by the end of the task, you would be too exhausted even to click “Send.”  

You can cut down on your efforts by using email segmentation tools, which allow you to categorize your recipients according to their characteristics. With just a few segmented lists, you’ll be able to send everyone on your target list emails customized to their preferences. 

3. A/B Test Your Content

A/B testing, or split testing, allows you to test different subject lines and content in the same email to see what performs best. The information you gather through A/B testing can be helpful in future email campaigns. Some elements of your emails you can A/B test include the following:

  • Subject lines
  • Body text
  • CTAs
  • Links
  • Sending time

For better results, change only one element at a time so you’ll be able to spot the thing that is making a difference. 

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4. Optimize Your Subject Line and Body Text

Remember that your approach and message always come first. If you constantly provide value to your readers, people will more likely open your emails and read them. 

Your subscribers will first see your subject line, which is why spending time on them is essential. A few things to keep in mind:

  • Ensure the subject line can be read by keeping it between 50 and 60 characters. 
  • Set expectations for the rest of the email
  • Make the subject line more personal by including the names of your subscribers.
  • Use powerful words that will lead to action.

Add a personal tone to your B2B emails by including provocative and conversational language, jokes, and puns. However, even though being informal is a nice touch to your emails, make sure that your content still reflects the tone and voice of your brand. 

5. Offer a Free Consultation

As you probably already know, everyone loves free stuff. Offering a free consultation or a free trial in your email campaigns is a great way to spread the word about your tech startup and get more customers on board. 

When you offer free items, you can build trust between your potential customers and your company, significantly contributing to your long-term growth.

6. Add Only One CTA Button

Do you want to drive traffic to your latest blog post? Or do you want more people to attend your upcoming seminar? Every email should have a straightforward and clear call to action (CTA). Your conversion rates could be negatively affected by asking for too many clicks from your readers. 

Wrapping Up

Learning to do B2B marketing effectively takes time and effort, but the investment is worth it. Not only can you nurture leads more effectively, but you can also increase the number of converted leads. As a tech startup, you have too much at stake to neglect this marketing channel, so why not start right away?

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