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What Are the Benefits of Demand Generation?

Demand generation is a method for creating awareness and interest in your products and services. It's a long-term process meant to reach customers at any stage of their buyer journey - from the moment they become aware of your company, all the way to when they turn into a brand advocate for your business. 

Now that you know what demand strategy is, it's time to get familiar with the results of an efficient demand generation strategy. Below, we will look at the benefits that B2B demand generation offers. 


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Strengthens Brand Awareness

Brand awareness and demand generation go hand-in-hand. Demand generation focuses on customers and aims to make people excited about your product, which in turn strengthens brand awareness. 

Demand generation is about giving people valuable and relevant content that will pull them in towards your brand. Moreover, it's about positioning your brand as one that people can trust. 

Attracts More Qualified Leads

One of the main benefits of demand generation is that you generate high-quality leads. According to the 2021 Demand Generation Benchmark Survey Report, 63% of B2B marketers use demand generation techniques to reach the right people. Thanks to better targeting and higher quality of leads, demand generation will improve the conversion rates of your business. 

Aligns Marketing and Sales Efforts

Demand generation is a great way to build a bridge between the marketing and sales department. The gap between these two departments needs to be closed, especially when you consider that both departments aim to increase the profit of the same company. 

A research piece by Reachforce and Marketo found that businesses are 67% better at closing deals when marketing and sales work together. Another study by MarketingProfs revealed that companies with tightly aligned marketing and sales teams have 36% higher customer retention rates. 

Reduces Costs in the Customer Acquisition Process

Demand generation focuses on adding real value to your target customers compared to lead generation. Even though the volume of leads is lower with demand generation, you end up with high-quality leads. 

Rather than taking wild guesses, demand generation can help you acquire customers in a much more targeted way.

Reduces Customer Turnover

The idea of demand generation is to establish a relationship with your customers. If a prospect decides to purchase from you, it doesn't mean that the demand generation process is done. Your products and services continue to evolve as you go, and so should your relationships with your customers. 

Demand generation focuses on the customer's experience even after they've made a purchase, which is an excellent method for customer retention.

Increases Revenue

Demand generation is cost-effective, and you don't need a huge budget to implement it. You need to understand your target audience and what your product can do for them. There are plenty of ways to create and distribute content that won't break the bank. 

Once you create compelling and educational content that captures your audience's interest and capitalizes on that interest, your company's revenue will grow. 

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