Director of Marketing

About the Job

We're looking for a Director of Marketing who will take charge of our client projects and lead our team in Skopje, Macedonia. This role is for someone who thrives on understanding client needs and crafting strategies that make a genuine difference, without relying on jargon or fleeting trends.

Key Responsibilities

  • Lead our marketing team, guiding them in project execution and encouraging their professional growth.

  • Develop marketing strategies that are both insightful and practical, ensuring they align with our clients' goals.

  • Stay informed about the latest B2B Tech and SaaS marketing landscape to make a strong impact with our strategies, tactics and frameworks.

  • Work collaboratively across teams to ensure strategies are well-rounded and executed smoothly.

  • Embrace continuous learning to improve our practices and drive innovation within the team.

  • Lead and improve performance of the local team in our branch in Skopje.

Skills and Experience

  • Strong experience in B2B marketing, ideally within the B2B Tech and SaaS space.

  • A leadership approach that is both encouraging and pragmatic.

  • The ability to translate complex ideas into clear, actionable strategies.

  • A commitment to understanding and meeting client expectations.

  • A genuine interest in team growth and development.

  • Minimum 6 years of experience in B2B marketing within senior or management roles.

Why A88Lab.?

Attractive Salary & Benefits: We offer a competitive salary and benefits package that reflects your experience and expertise.

Learn from the Best: You'll have the opportunity to work alongside and learn from top C-Level managers in Switzerland, gaining invaluable insights and experience.

Shape the Future: Your work will directly influence the marketing strategies of top Swiss tech companies, offering a unique chance to make a significant impact.

Growth Opportunities: We’re on a fast track, and so will your career be. This role is a launchpad for high growth, both for our clients and for you.